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Act Against Cruelty to Horses-Sheep (Ireland), 1635

Parliament of Ireland

Act against Plowing by the Tayle, and Pulling the Wooll off Living Sheep

Ireland Parliament [Thomas Wentworth], Act against Plowing by the Tayle, and Pulling the Wooll off Living Sheep, 1635 in The Statutes at Large, Passed in the Parliaments held in Ireland. 2nd ed. (Dublin, 1786), 2: 168-169; Online at Animal Rights History, 2003.

[None shall plow or work horses by the tail.] WHEREAS in many places of this kindgome, there hath been a long time used a barbarous custome of ploughing, harrowing, drawing and working with horses, mares, gledings, garrans and colts, by the taile, whereby (besides the cruelty used to the beasts) the breed of horses is much impaired in this kingdome, to the great prejudice thereof: [Barbarity of the custom, a prejudice to the breed of horses.] whereas also divers have and yet do use the like barbarous custome of pulling of the wooll yearly from living sheep instead of clipping or shearing of them; be it therefore enacted by the Kings's most excellent Majesty, and the lords spirituall and temporall, and the commons in this present Parliament assembled, that no person or persons whatsoever, shall after one yeare next ensuing the end of this present Parliament, plough, harrow, draw or worke with any horse, gelding, mare, garran or colt, by the taile, nor shall cause, procure of suffer any other to plough up or harrow his ground, or to draw any other carriages with his horses, mares, geldings, garrans or colts, or any of them, by the taile; [None shall instead of shearing or clipping, pull off the wool from living sheep.] and that no person or persons whatsover, shall, after the end of this present Parliament, pull the wool of any living sheep, or cause or procure to be pulled, instead of shearing or clipping of them; [Justices of assize and of the peace may inquire and punish by fine and imprisionment.] and if any shall doe contrarie to this act, and the intention thereof, that the justices of assize at the generall assizes to be holden before them, and the justices of peace at their quarter-sessions, shall have power by this act to enquire of, heare and determine all and every offence and offences done contrary to this present act, and to punish the offendors which shall do contrary to the same, by fine and imprisonment, as they in their discretion shall think fit.

Animal Rights History-Timeline

[1450-1660] Renaissance Law

Early Prohibitions Against Bear-Baiting, Bull-Baiting, Cock-Fighting, Fishing, Fowling, Hawking, Horse-Racing, Hunting
Act: 1488 Slaughter of Beasts
Act: 1545 Burning of Frames
Act: 1625 Sunday Observance
Act: 1627 Sunday Observance
Cruelty to Animals: Early Laws
1635 Ireland Parliament, Act against Cruelty to Horses-Sheep
1641 Massachusetts Colony Body of Liberties
1642-1660 Interregnum Ordinances and Acts
Ord:1648 Church Government
Ord.1654 Cock-Matches
Ord: 1654 Horse-Races
Act: 1657 Gaming
Act: 1657 Sunday Observance

[1593-1641] Thomas Wenworth

[1635] Parliament of Ireland, Act Against Plowing by the Tayle, and Pulling the Wooll Off Living Sheep
Early Laws Against Cruelty to Animals

Laws Against Cruelty to Animals

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[BCE-c485] Ancient Laws for Protection of Animals
[c485-1450] Medieval Prohibitions Against Cruelty to Animals
[1450-1660] Early Legislation Against Cruelty to Animals
[1660-1785] Early Pleas for Laws Against Cruelty to Animals
[1785-1837] Modern Legislative Beginnings-Animal Protection Law
[1837-1901] Animal Protection Anti-Vivisection Legislation-Law
[1901-1945] Continuing Animal Protection Law of the 20th Century

Great Britain Paliament: House of Commons

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